What is Luminous Planet?

Luminous Planet is more than manufacturing, we are more than a custom product company, more than sourcing.... We are solutions for our current day industry. What that means is we are not a company with a warehouse of products we need to move to make money. We provide products you need and offer customizations that solve your sales problems. 

We offer the ability to order low quantity (LTC) verse some importers forcing full container orders. We are experienced in the industry to know not only the products but what growers are moving to. Most factories are selling you on rumor, while we are inside talking to growers everyday.

What is Luminous Planet..... well, we might just be the best partner you have for your businesses future.

How does your process work?

Our process has been refined over the years to conserve as much time as possible. To be as transparent as possible we will layout some of our timelines and details that can speed up or slow down the ordering process.​​